Our Services

We mainly offer the services for refurnishing, redesigning and for construction related activities at the residential places, commercial complexes along with private and public sector workplaces. The work area which we have the expertise and years of experience are :


False Ceiling

A false ceiling is a secondary ceiling built below the original one. Adding a false ceiling increases the aesthetic beauty of the architecture in your house/office. We Asansol interior mainly focuses on providing designs that satisfy our client's needs. Some of the false ceiling designs include single-layered, double-layered, and more. Our expert teams will discuss your concerns and provide you with the best solutions. In addition to that, we offer various types of materials for the false ceiling, including wood, glass, fiber, and more.


House Paint Service

The right color combination plays a significant role in delivering the vibe of what you desire. Our goal is to provide an aesthetic ambiance that reflects your wishes. You have to consider these things to pick the right color, like types of paints, costing, finishes, and more. For example, for kitchens, durable and easy to clean colors are better. Our team of experts will help you choose the right wall paint for your home/office.


Modular Kitchen

The aesthetic kitchen that matches your house will make your home look more elegant. Some of the common kitchen layouts are L-shaped, U-shaped, Straight, and Parallel. Even if your kitchen is small, proper planning can make your kitchen look more fashionable. We Asansol interior discuss your needs, cooking style, and other factors so that we can guide you through the options available. Depending on your cooking style, we pick the materials that are suitable for you.


Interior Furniture

Furniture plays an important role that elevates the aesthetic appeal as well as efficiency of your house space or working space. Our team of skilled and experienced design specialists uses their years of experience to enhance the characteristics of a room. We consult with our clients to pick the furniture styles they want to have, like traditional, modern, and transitional, as well as the amount of space they will occupy.


Customized 3d Wallpaper

3d wallpapers can brighten up your room decor. It also adds sophistication to your house. We Asansol Interior offer high-quality wallpapers that are durable as well as cost-effective. You can easily clean it with a broom or a piece of a soft cloth. Moreover, we have all types of customized wallpapers that will suit your taste.


Wooden Floor

Wooden floors add natural beauty that goes with any decor, including modern, traditional, and more. We Asansol interior take pride in providing an ageless work of art that reflects the artistry of our veteran craftsman. Our wooden floors portray knots and variations in colors and textures that highlight the original character of the wood